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As kids we were the ones that would save all our money to buy car magazines. We would scour craigslist for free or cheap auto parts before even having the actual car that it was going on. We even went to dealerships to pick up brochures before we could even legally drive. This is the basis of Motor Misfit. We are average car enthusiasts just like you. Whether its your Lambo or Ferrari, your garage parked project car or even your normal daily driver, we understand the love for your car and know how you feel.

2 years ago we picked up a DSLR camera and never really used it much. It wasn’t until about a year ago that we attended a car event and decided to try out the camera. Since then we have not put it down. A passion was born in filming and photographing all things automotive throughout this awesome South Florida car culture. The sun, the palm trees, great weather and beautiful car, what more can you ask for?

But why photography and film? While there are all kinds of photographers out there you shouldnt settle for something that just about anyone can do. If you take pride in your ride you want the best for it and that includes photos and videos. Here at Motor Misfit we want to tell a visual story of your car in the best way possible. Whether that is videos, photos, posters, drawings, websites, plaques, you name it we can make it happen.

Let us showcase your pride and joy. We don’t just photograph and film your car from an artistic standpoint but also from the view of a true enthusiast. Cars are our obsession and showing them in a different light is our passion. 

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Camaro ZL1 - Photo Shoot

Lets face it, no one understands the love that you have for your car. Outsiders might like it, admire it, hate it or even think that it is weird. It's a relationship, so why don't you document the journey and save the memories? Let us provide you with a photography and videography service to really showcase your vehicle how you see it.

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South Florida has an awesome car culture, we just happen to photograph and take videos of it! Showcasing cars and motorcycles with visual media is our passion. Please let us show you how great your vehicle can look in photos and videos. Contact us for available shoots

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